1987. A time when mullets were the peak of follicle fashion and bingo was the sport of preference through the trailer parks of the world. From yak milking, yurt dwelling, mulleted men of Ulaanbaatar to the drunken, disorderly dole bludgers of Melbourne, bingo had globally connected cultures with a language no one could speak, but everyone understood. It saved marriages, conceived children and solved Rubiks cubes.

And then it was gone. 

The very essence of this subculture snuffed out by the corporate machine - blue rinsed, processed and packaged up to suit the sensitive digestive systems of post-menopausal women. Thought to be destined to remain a muddy memory, Bogan Bingo takes you back to these glory days when bingo was untamed, unpasteurized and unsuitable for public consumption. Guided by the comforting sounds of Jovi, Adams, Springsteen and DC, it's raw, overwhelming and intrusive. Savour every minute. 


1. Can I get tickets on the door?

For weekly shows in London, generally all reserved allocated seating tickets sell out in advance. We reserve some standing room and restricted view spots (Fulham only) for purchase on the door but please don't rely on being able to sit with your friends if you purchase these tickets on the door.

2. How can I make sure I sit with my friends?

For shows in London, simply book your tickets online here, specify the same group booking name when prompted and we'll do the rest.

3. It's sold out but can I get 1 more ticket for our group?

Possibly. Check the Facebook page for re-sales and failing that, email us and ask - info@boganbingo.co.uk

4. I’m no longer able to attend. What do I do with my ticket?

  • If you’re transferring your ticket to a friend in the same group booking, no need to do anything, they can use your name on the door.

  • If you can’t make an event and would like to transfer to another date we may be able to help you, providing you give us 7 days notice.
    Email info@boganbingo.co.uk

  • If you need to sell tickets on you can do so on the Facebook page in the events section. Please ensure you notify us of the change of group booking name. Please take care when buying tickets online - if in doubt email us to check the tickets are valid.

5. Do I need to bring ID or print my ticket?

The venue may request you show ID for entry. No need to print out any tickets - we will have your name on our list on the door. 

6. How long does the show go for?

Weekly London shows which start at 8pm run until about 10:30pm and the after party runs late.

7. Does it start on time?

Yes, yes it does. The advertised show start time is when sh*t goes down, so be ready.

8. Do you give away prizes?

Yes, yes we do. Every week in London we give away bar tabs, heaps of free drinks, a bunch of our own awesome prizes and a holiday from Travel Talk Tours.

9. Do tickets include bingo cards and pens?

Yes, you'll just need to sort out drinks and a winning attitude and we'll do the rest.

10. Do you do private parties and corporate hire?

Yes, yes we do. Check out our private hire page.

11. Do you travel outside of London for private parties and corporate hire?

Yes we do - throughout the UK and Europe. Get in touch for a quote and a chat about your event: info@boganbingo.co.uk

10. I get around in a wheelchair - will I be able to get around the venue? 

Yes but get in touch before you arrive so we can ensure we allocate the best spot for you - info@boganbingo.co.uk