Attendees must be 18 or over to enter a licensed venue to watch or participate in Bogan Bingo.
Management reserves the right to refuse entry. 
Safety for all customers is key at all Bogan Bingo events and Bogan Bingo undertakes relevant risk assessments to ensure crowd safety. However, customers participate in Bogan Bingo at their own risk and Bogan Bingo can not be held liable for any personal injuries sustained during Bogan Bingo.
Customers deemed to be too drunk, violent or acting in any manner considered to be potentially hazardous to themselves or others, may be refused entry or escorted from the premises.
By purchasing any ticket(s) to Bogan Bingo the customer is paying for the entertainment experience of the live stage show Bogan Bingo only and not for a stake in a gambling game. Bogan Bingo is not a gambling event and does not conduct any games that can be deemed regulated or fair gaming - correctly marking off numbers first does not guarantee you to be deemed a winner and does not guarantee you a chance to win a prize.
Ticket prices are subject to change occasionally. Tickets are non-refundable. 
By purchasing any ticket(s) to Bogan Bingo, the customer is agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and understands that Bogan Bingo is not a gambling event and although it uses the basic structure of a traditional bingo game, Bogan Bingo can not be considered fair gaming. Bogan Bingo is designed solely for the purposes of entertainment. 
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, we will send you a pre-event and post event email only. Any other email correspondence will require you to have agreed by ticking a separate box during ticket purchase. Bogan Bingo will not share any personal information of any customers unless given explicit consent to do so.