Ask a bogan: life hacks

1. Bears are flammable. If you’re ever attacked by a bear, simply set fire to them

2. Fix a cracked iphone screen by wiping vinegar on it

3. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because you have murdered someone, stop murdering people and sleep peacefully

4. Make your weekly food shop a bit more amusing by doing it while wearing a bike helmet

5. You can hide bacon in most standard sized shirt pockets

6. You can get a free ride on London buses simply by having a staring competition with the driver when you get on. 

7. Add toothpaste to your cereal in the morning to save time on brushing

8. If you’re having a bad hair day, simply expose a breast or testicle to deflect attention

9. If you’re ever being mugged, do some Karate on them

10. Pretend you’re Morgan Freeman when checking into a flight and you might get an upgrade