Ask a bogan: directions

Dear Bogans,

I’ve had an ongoing flirty relationship with a hot guy at work and I think its getting close to going to the next level. I’m fine with that but I’m only in it for a good time and I really don’t want to confuse him into thinking its more. I’m supposed to be leaving for a training weekend in Bath on Friday and he’ll be staying in the same hotel – I don’t know what to do!?

Geraldine, Clapham.

Hi Geraldine,

We’re not sure what the problem is here? Bath is an easy 90 minute journey from London Paddington via train which run all day on Friday, or you can drive by car along the M4 or M5 motorways. You could also take the coach from Victoria station, which is cheaper but its takes a bit longer. Don’t forget to pack your sexy undies and don’t worry about hot guys feelings – us blokes have this ability to just bounce back after being used for sex.


Bogan Trev